Mro. Roderick Buġeja

Currently Principal Trombonist with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Roderick Bugeja, was born in1978.Roderick-Bugeja At the age of eight he started his music studies at the Johann Strauss School of Music in Valletta and also attended classes at the Pinto Band Club, Qormi. In 1989 he actually started playing the trumpet with this same band club. He continued to study brass instruments under the expert guidance of Mro Paul Borg specializing in the euphonium and later in the trombone.

During this period Roderick participated in a couple of National competitions organised by the Malta Band Club Association and the Malta Society of Arts, which, on both occasions, saw him placed second by the international panel of judges.

While studying harmony and counterpoint with Mro Lawrence Borg and conducting under Mro Joseph Sammut, former conductor of the National Orchestra (and the Manoel Theatre Orchestra, Roderick also took up the viola. Currently he is furthering his studies in music composition and Orchestration with Ronnie Debattista.

In 1995 Roderick obtained his LLCM diploma, 1997 his FLCM diploma , 2009 LTCL diploma and 2013 A.MUS. LCM Diploma.

In November 2000, Roderick was appointed Band Master with the Vittoria Band Club, Naxxar, for whom he has directed several music programmes some of which have been recorded on CD. One particularly memorable occasion that he directed with this same band club was the Cantata ‘Bi Twelidek Rebbaħtna’ composed by Mro Raymond Sciberras, dedicated to the feast of Marija Bambina.

In 2003, in Rome, he participated in Leonard Bernstein’s Operetta Candide under the music direction of Mro. John De Main. In 2007 Roderick was chosen to play as principal trombone with the “Bewald Symphony Orchestra of Stockholm, under the baton of Manfred Honeck. He has also performed as soloist playing the euphonium with international artistes such as Robert Childs.

As a musician with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra Roderick has had various opportunities to play in concerts featuring internationally famous artistes such as Jose Carreras, Andrea Bocelli, Julian Lloyd Weber and Sayaka Shoji as well as under the batons of Eugen Kohn, Leos Svarovski, Peter Stark, and Charles Olivieri Munroe. Rene Clement and Michael Laus.

2008 sees Roderick appointed Band Master with the Duke of Connaught Own Band, B’Kara. In this same year, he directed the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra in recording two songs with the group Sixth Sinfoni. Later at the end of July he conducted again the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra in a pop concert named ‘Pop Fever’ which was a great success.

He is a founder member of the KRAB Brass Quartet that later expanded to become the Versatile Brass Ensemble. Recently Roderick has been appointed as a K & G artist after spending the last two years refining Trombone and Euphonium mouthpieces with the same company. In July 2012 Roderick has been invited by the International Trombone Association to attend the International Trombone Festival in Paris which led him to meet international artists and took part in both clinics and Trombone Choir conducted by Irvin L. Wagner. In the same year Roderick joined the Valletta International Baroque Ensemble playing the sackbut accompanying Dame Emma Kirkbey.

He enjoys composing and has so far written several Marches, a waltz and a Tone Poem based on a poem written by Mario F. Bezzina, which consists in 3 movements. This piece was commissioned by the Pinto Band Club Committee where he occupies the role of assistant conductor, to celebrate the arrival of the new bells for the Church of St Sebastian in Qormi.

In his free time Roderick who is interested in aviation obtained his private pilot licence.